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Probing the Australia Day / Invasion Day Debate

By guest author Greg Clancy


In 1998 I joined a company operating on the edge of Sydney’s most notorious street, Everleigh Street, Redfern. In the two years I spent in the area I developed a keen sense for the need to have regard for personal safety and, of greater long-term benefit, an understanding of the problems in the local Aboriginal community which occupied the street and the infamous, “block”. This latter benefit resulted primarily from interaction with younger Aboriginal males who were intrigued with my presence in the area. Having established a brief rapport with me, they would usually discuss the local problems with amazing frankness and honesty.

The short route from my office to Redfern station was Everleigh Street, but I only undertook the “easy walk” on one occasion. It was in the company of three somewhat larger fellow employees and it was about 11.00 in the morning, which meant it was still too early for the locals to be on the street and for the failed social policies affecting so many Aboriginal people to be displayed for anyone interested to witness. Drugs were everywhere, the alcohol problem was appalling, violence towards women and children was commonplace. No one appeared to work or wanted to work, but political correctness would ensure that the real issues in “the block” would remain under the public radar. But on the one day I walked the length of Everleigh Street it was relatively safe. Still, the 150 meter distance was conducted in complete silence and a sense of relief prevailed when we exited the street opposite Redfern railway station. You never knew what could happen.

The Everleigh Street houses were unique in that internal timbers were often ripped out for firewood but the roofs were usually adorned with taxpayer-funded satellite dishes provided to the Aboriginal residents. The police were regular visitors and it was heartening to witness the little kids crawling through the police cars turning on the sirens and using the loudspeakers. You wondered how long this would last.

The “hands on” experience of Everleigh Street equipped me with indelible images of how political correctness results in neglect. No one really cared about the Aboriginals living in the area – least of all those Aborigines in “leadership” positions who grew fat on public money, drove around the area in large 4WDs and wouldn’t rock the boat too much – except perhaps on Australia Day, when the absurdity of Aboriginal politics usually achieved its annual peak.

Australia Day – or “invasion day”, as many Aboriginal leaders prefer to call it – usually exhibits the least constructive comments on Aboriginal affairs. The call for separation is strongest on Australia Day. This is when the idea that Aboriginal people are an integral part of the nation receives the heaviest condemnation. And the hypocrisy is overwhelming. In this context, the word “invasion” implies the end of Aboriginal heritage. For the indigenous people of the continent, the arrival of the British ended their existence as they knew it. But it also ended, in time, living in bark huts, killing kangaroos to exist, killing each other and perhaps having the odd meal of each other. The Aboriginal culture in 1788 may have been ancient and unique, but it was also primitive and barbaric. The use of “invasion” also implies a strong yearning for a return to those uncomplicated days untouched by Western imperialism.

Do modern Aboriginal people really want to revert to the lifestyles of their forefathers? Of course not. They want all that modern Western civilization can provide. Apart from token references to their ancient society, most modern Aboriginal men and women would dread the thought of returning to their pre “invasion” status. Yes, there were great injustices to the native people that figured in the early colonial days in Australia, but also there were official policies offering protection to Aboriginals that may be taken as very enlightened when compared to international standards of the day.

The hypocritical basis of the “invasion” claim is overwhelming. But it gets worse. Soon, Australians will be voting to allow some form of “special recognition” for the Aboriginal people. This is the culmination of a reasonable idea gone mad. It is political correctness of the most harmful type. Decreeing the Aboriginal people as being “special” really means “different”, and these are the social metamorphoses we all need to avoid. Wherever we have creative distinctions between people, we also have problems. The last thing the Aboriginal people need is to be even more different to what they are currently – and these differences are not racial, but behavioural.

When the “special recognition” vote comes to pass I will not be voting in favour of the proposal. Rather, I will be voting for the equality of Aboriginal people as a distinct, but equal, partner in our society.


Greg Clancy is the author of a number of books including The People Smugglers and The Conspiracies of Multiculturalism.

If you would like to purchase The Conspiracies of Multiculturalism you can still do so via the publisher, Sunda Publications.  Please send a cheque for $15.00, payable to Sunda Publications to PO Box 77 Roseville NSW 2069 (guaranteed postage is included).  Alternatively contact Greg Clancy  ( directly and he will send a copy off to the address nominated.

If anyone would like to contact Greg Clancy directly to discuss his blog posts please contact him via his email address


A New Australian Flag Designed to Represent a New Era

Proposed Australian Flag Design

Australia is a democracy, so everyone has the right to exercise their Freedom of Speech and openly say something to this effect: ‘I find the current Australia flag alienates me and I want to feel included in our national flag.’ . They also have the right to design a replacement flag and promote their creation openly to the public.

A new Australian flag design flittered through social media early February 2016.  Shortly afterwards the post disappeared, either deleted or the settings changed so the design wasn’t available for public consumption. I have no other information about it other than it was some kind of new design for the national Australian flag and hence am unable to deliver the perspective of this flag’s creator or acknowledge them.

The designer of this flag felt strongly enough about it to get a prototype created and showcase it around the country for, what I assume was, feedback about the design.

Controversy over the Australian Flag isn’t new, nor are the new designs which are created with the intention of replacing our current flag.  This design however caught my attention because the symbolism made such a powerful statement about the beliefs and intentions of the creator/s.

The flag consists of:

  • an upper blue horizontal band that is the same hue of blue as the background to the current Australian flag
  • a lower green horizontal band
  • the Aboriginal flag sitting in the centre shaped as a diamond
  • the crescent moon with an eight pointed star sitting on the upper blue band.

The upper blue band itself holds no special significance other than to mimic some of the look and feel of the Australian flag. Incidentally, the blue on the Australian flag is only the background colour and symbolises nothing.   On the other hand the lower green band does represent something quite significant; green symbolises Islam.

Some designers of a new Australian flag want to acknowledge Aboriginal people on their proposed flag. To do this they opt to either use the Aboriginal flag or its distinctive colours.

In this instance I personally believe the reason the Aboriginal flag is included on this design is to loudly declare: Australia is Aboriginal land, owned by the Aboriginal people and only the Aboriginal people can decide who can come here. 

In my post Useful Idiots and the (Ab)Original Nations Passport  I cover the chattering of people who are touting this belief.

The crescent moon and star are typically used to symbolise Islam or the Muslim community.  Rather than using a five pointed star the designer has chosen an eight pointed star.  Personally I believe the choice of an eight pointed star rather than a five pointed star may hold some significance for the designer.


Al-Quds star

However I am no expert on Islamic symbolism so it is difficult to ascertain the significance this style of eight point star is suppose to have.  The eight-pointed star represents the Al-Quds star which symbolises the Seal of the Prophets, which means that Mohammed was the last prophet sent by Allah.

It is possible that the use of the eight pointed star is sending a powerful message.  The removal of the Union Jack erases the Christian cross from the flag. The addition of the Islamic crescent moon and star represents Islam and / or Muslims and the  use of the eight pointed star may be intended to represent Islam’s prophet Mohammed being the last prophet sent by Allah.

So effectively what this flag’s design symbolises is that Australia is Aboriginal land and only Aboriginal people can decide who comes here, and that it is also an Islamic country.

So my big question is, now that the national flag has been redesigned, and ownership sorted out, what is Australia going to be called in this new era? I mean, change of ownership, change of name….











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Cologne – The Aftershock


Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 5.33.46 PM

A woman in the throes of a mob attack, her top ripped off, breasts exposed, being dragged around by a mob of African men – Techno Parade 2010 (Paris)

By guest author Greg Clancy

In early January I wrote a brief assessment of the unfortunate New Year’s Eve behaviour in the centre of Cologne. Subsequent to these events, the facts became world news and the revelations that I had referred to as being “suspiciously slow” in emerging for public consumption are now known as attempts to suppress the story and excuse those responsible. The police had clearly been compromised, the mayor of the city made excuses for the offenders and the number of young women lodging formal complaints increased into the hundreds.

Following the exposure of the Cologne episode, the leaks became a flood. Other cities experienced similar outrages and these were, again, escorted by initial attempts to supress the details, which all failed as news of the Cologne attacks spread.

While there may be differing reports on the numbers of offenders and victims involved in all the centres affected, one question – in fact the most basic question – remains without mention. Why did these tragic events take place? This may be more appropriately expressed as, “why would young men, offered by Germany security, protection, money, accommodation, education and future employment form gangs to break the fundamental laws protecting the basic rights of German citizens?” Further, many of the offenders had arrived in the country only a short time before participating in the violence. An observer may have been forgiven for believing that “refugees” arriving in the country could barely wait to inflict on their benefactor the demands of their cultural differences.

The basic, and natural, rule of showing respect to those who offer assistance had been put aside. Worse, those arranging that assistance have largely fallen into line with the violent migrants by protection through weakness. In the Cologne case, officials have warned young women to take necessary precautions, the offenders were not to be arrested and the media has been “encouraged” to concentrate on women and children and leave the young men off the television screens – just in case.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 5.30.13 PM

The woman is freed from the mob by Paris Police / Security – Techno Parade 2010 (Paris)

In the post-Cologne analysis, the features of the NYE events have been dragged out with questions regarding the cover-ups, the lies and the basic injustices. It was, of course, a turning point for the Merkel government as officials beat a hasty retreat from the open door policy. By late January Frau Merkel was referring to “future developments” for the migrants that clearly acknowledged the gross mistake her government had made. But one important issue has remained unmentioned – what was the real reason for Cologne? What was the driving force behind the callous attacks on young women by young men who had benefitted from the generosity of their host city and country? The answer lies in the supreme cover-up of the unmentionable – cultural differences. There isn’t any cultural enrichment here, in fact, quite the opposite.

The missing element of human behaviour exhibited in Cologne was…. respect. There wasn’t any. The offenders demonstrated a zero appreciation for the city offering them huge benefits, as well as a total disrespect for the law and the residents generally. But mostly the contempt was directed at the victims who bore all the hallmarks of, in the beliefs of the offenders, human trash, i.e. white female European Christians. Here the cultural gap was exposed at its worst and presented, in a ghastly manner, a likely development in Germany’s future community relations.

Why was respect absent in the actions of the offenders? Respect for others is taught – children learn from their parents, extended family and other influences during their formative years. Should a child be told – and re-told, over and over – that particular groups of people are “inferior” to his own group then the child will believe it. Should that same child, believe that amongst “inferior” peoples there is also a gender differentiation i.e. males being “superior” to females, then the formula for expected behaviour is established when “superior” and “inferior” individuals interact. This formula was confirmed in Cologne, and on that same day, in other cities and other countries.

The response in Cologne by authorities responsible for public order and the protection of citizens was a “silence of the lambs”. In the looming cultural battle, the “lambs” have grabbed an opportunity – and lost. What damage they have done remains to be seen.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 5.30.45 PM

Having been freed from the mob the woman walks away holding her top, naked from the waist up – Techno Parade 2010 (Paris)

Techno Parade 2010 (Paris) YouTube Videos

Taharrush Gamea was occurring in Europe before the New Years Eve attacks in Cologne 2015.  Video footage from the what is allegedly the Techno Parade in Paris 2010 shows a young lady in the throes of such an attack by a mob of African men.  Her top is ripped off and she is dragged around helpless by her arms while being groped.




Greg Clancy is the author of a number of books including The People Smugglers and The Conspiracies of Multiculturalism.

If you would like to purchase The Conspiracies of Multiculturalism you can still do so via the publisher, Sunda Publications.  Please send a cheque for $15.00, payable to Sunda Publications to PO Box 77 Roseville NSW 2069 (guaranteed postage is included).  Alternatively contact Greg Clancy  ( directly and he will send a copy off to the address nominated.

If anyone would like to contact Greg Clancy directly to discuss his blog posts please contact him via his email address

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Preparing for 2016 – Safeguarding against Taharrush Gamea

Taharrush Gamea Victim

New Years Eve 2015 saw the official debut of Taharrush Gamea in Western Europe.  Hundreds of European women were sexually assaulted by mobs of Muslim men who’d congregated in the crowded centres where the New Year’s celebrations are traditionally held.

Taharrush Gamea is a phenomena where co-ordinated gangs of men gather in large crowds with the aim of sexually assaulting women. Its literal translation is “collective harassment’.

Taharrush Gamea is an emerging threat against women in the Western world and action needs to be taken now to protect yourself and loved ones against falling victim to this hideous act of mob violence.

Clearly understand the nature of Taharrush Gamea

Like they say ‘know your enemy’. It is important to understand what Taharrush Gamea is and how it is carried out.  Below are some short YouTube videos that clearly explain this phenomena.

Redefine the ground rules for personal safety

The ground rules for personal safety need to be redefined. Traditionally one of the ground rules for personal safety was to stay in crowded areas. Be aware that a crowd no longer guarantees a safe environment, instead it could be brewing a dangerous environment.

New ground rules for personal safety need to be added, such as:

  • Exiting from situations where a language you don’t understand is being spoken and you suspect the conversation may be about you, even if the people involved are friends or acquaintances.
  • Evaluating how safe an environment may be according to the religious orientation or ethnicity of the people in the vicinity. For instance if you arrive at a festival and there is disproportionate number of Muslim men all speaking in Arabic, if would be prudent to leave immediately.
  • Discarding political correctness when evaluating how safe an environment or individual is. Personal safety is everything and your inner dialogue should not include excuses for a person or persons based on their ethnicity, religion or particular set of circumstances. Your personal motto must be: “Safety First”.

Don’t assume others can assist you, have your own contingency plan

The video below is a first person account from an eyewitness who it appears was working as a security man in a hotel where the Cologne attacks occurred. He described a scene of violent pandemonium where the police struggled to control the situation.

The Organic Prepper has written an excellent article about Taharrush Gamea and provided eight tips to keeping yourself safe if the phenomena occurs in a crowd – Taharrush: Asylum Seekers Play the “Rape Game” Across Europe.  Rather than reiterating what the Organic Prepper has outlined, I would encourage everyone to visit their page and read the tips provided.

Don’t make yourself an easy target

Make good personal decisions if you are going to an environment where the phenomena of Taharrush Gamea could occur.  For instance ladies may consider avoiding racy outfits that could be removed easily or shoes that restrict a swift escape; men may consider tops and pants that allow flexible movement and shoes that are comfortable with a firm grip (the eyewitness account above mentions men getting their heads kicked in, so men too are at risk of getting attacked).

Everybody should avoid intoxicants as they destroy any situational awareness that may be needed in an environment that becomes ominous.

Below is a video from 2010 that clearly shows both men and women getting attacked by large co-ordinated groups of Africans at a Paris festival.  At about 3:10 you can see a young lady getting stripped of her top and groped by the crowd who is dragging her around while they maul her.

Stay informed to survive – seek information from multiple sources

And remember, stay informed to survive. Find the best solutions to keep yourself safe, even if they aren’t too politically correct.



The Great Migration – Confronting the Realities

Cologne NY 2015 Mob Sex Attacks

Cologne New Years Eve 2015 was the scene of a mob sex attack against German women by recent migrant arrivals.

By guest author Greg Clancy

Everyone in the Western world who believes in the principles of free speech and the “right to know” would have been alarmed by the decision of some European governments to censor media reporting of the Middle Eastern and North African migrants landing in southern Europe.

But why was this done? What is wrong in allowing Europeans to observe on television the events occurring in their own countries and in the land of their near neighbours, fellow members of the European Union?

To find the answer to this, one need only look at the specific restrictions ordered by governments and obligingly followed by the majority of the principal media organisations. I regularly view the BBC World News and it has been clear that the BBC has also endorsed these “suggestions of compliance”..

The orders were simple – do not play to television audiences scenes of large groups of single young males. Concentrate on women and children. Do not provide footage of anything that hints of violence or what may be the makings of violence. Limit the interviews to women, older men or young single men who smile and appear grateful. Avoid filming those in designer clothing with expensive mobile phones as, after all, they are refugees. And so on.

So why hide the groups of single young men? After all, this is the largest component of the migrant groups and this fact should be understood and noted by those responsible for migrant accommodation, etc. The reason was the fear that television audiences would “misunderstand” what their government had undertaken and this in turn could create unwarranted concerns about future social and economic integration.

A quick look at the failed Scandinavian experience over the past few decades could be a factor in this “misunderstanding”. Further, in accordance with policies of family reunion, these single young men could apply to have an average of half a dozen family members join them in their new European home. No, better not to encourage unwarranted speculation – just avoid telling the public what they will inevitably discover later – then someone else can make the tough decisions.

The problem for those individuals and organisations endorsing the policy of silence is that the suppression of vital information to the public has its limits, at least in the Western democracies. An “unpleasant” factor – like exposing the truth – may be relied upon only to a point, after which all hell may break loose. This is precisely what occurred in Cologne on New Years Eve.

Sections of the Western media have detailed the events that occurred near the main railway station and close to that magnificent and eternal symbol of Christianity, Cologne Cathedral. As this is now an international talking point I will not repeat the details, but the critical importance of what occurred is the fact that we may now learn the broad details in the mainstream media.

This is a communication breakthrough in the migrant crisis, and even the BBC World News ran the headline “Call for re-think after Cologne attacks”. That headline was run on January 7, a week after the incident. The truth was suspiciously slow in emerging, but, better late than never. A report on the severity of the attacks by the Cologne police became known only through a “leak” and not in the normal course.

The attempted cover-ups of the attacks continued and the lady mayor of Cologne set out suggested modes of behaviour – not for the offenders – but for the young ladies of the city. Her suggestions were met with a justified anger, and they were drowned-out by revelations that Cologne was not the only centre to experience degrading behaviour against females by new arrivals into the country.

To understand why these offences occurred is to understand the cultural deficiencies that allowed recent “refugees” to behave in this manner. A modern, progressive nation like Germany offers residency, money, housing, education (etc, etc) to others regarded as less fortunate and a significant number of these new arrivals commit inhuman acts against female members of the “welcoming” nation.

What these offenders are displaying (for all the world to see) goes beyond criminality. Here is a demonstration of extreme arrogance, a demanding attitude and total disrespect not only for the benefactor nation, but particularly for the female population which is viewed as culturally inferior and further, Western.

A measure of the protection granted to the more odious aspects of the 2015 migrant intake by Germany has now been lost. Too many people are nervous and for many individuals, frightened. Germany is now confronted with the choice – to get tough or pay the price. But underlying all the politics in that country is the human ingredient of “enough is enough”. If Frau Merkel and her government are unable to control what they created, others will do it for them.


Below is an eyewitness account of a hotel employee working in vicinity of the mob sex attacks.


Below is a commentary from YouTube blogger “The Golden One” urging European women to adapt to the new situation on the continent to keep themselves safe.



Greg Clancy is the author of a number of books including The People Smugglers and The Conspiracies of Multiculturalism.

If you would like to purchase The Conspiracies of Multiculturalism you can still do so via the publisher, Sunda Publications.  Please send a cheque for $15.00, payable to Sunda Publications to PO Box 77 Roseville NSW 2069 (guaranteed postage is included).  Alternatively contact Greg Clancy  ( directly and he will send a copy off to the address nominated.

If anyone would like to contact Greg Clancy directly to discuss his blog posts please contact him via his email address

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Preparing for 2016 – The most dangerous course of action

Stephen Coughlin was interviewed by Jamie Glazov recently (interview below).  The interview focused on what Stephen Coughlin thought may be the most dangerous course of action that will unfurl in the future, rather than the most likely.

I encourage everyone to spend the time listening to the interview.

Stephen Coughlin talks about the Al Qaeda / ISIS (Daesh) timeline and how from 2016  it is ‘phase six’ which is ‘total confrontation’.  Stephen Coughin then discusses the influx of Muslim refugees into Europe during 2015 and how they are predominately fighting age men.

What if the refugees coming into Europe are actually a Trojan Horse style Jihad army and total confrontation between Islam and The West ignites in Europe. What if this becomes the most dangerous course of action as a future outcome?

How this ‘total confrontation’ flares up is anyone’s guess.  It would most likely start with increased terror attacks to grind European society down until an open battle unfolds.

Has anyone prepared for a future where the most dangerous course of action is the outcome?

From across the ocean I look at Europe and sense ominous storm clouds are gathering over the continent. I know if I was living in Europe I would be quietly stockpiling food, improving my personal security and finding a local support network of like-minded people. I’d do this ‘just-in-case’ the most dangerous course of action was the future outcome.

Despite the storm clouds lurking over Europe, citizens of other Western nations should also start to batten down and get their house in order just in case the most dangerous course of action is the future outcome.

Listed below are five simple recommendations that are achievable and will put you in a strong position if the most dangerous course of action occurs:

  • Seek information from multiple sources.
  • Develop resilient physical health.
  • Become physically fit and agile.
  • Sort out your finances.
  • Prepare some basic equipment.

Seek information from multiple sources

Stephen Coughlin stresses at the end of the interview that in the ‘information-age’ we are struggling to find out what is really going on.  He urges the public to seek information not only from multiple news sources but via social media as well; and of course he also reminds people not to swallow anything whole, but to seek the truth.

Prepare for the most dangerous course of action by:

  • Staying informed about current events from multiple news sites.
  • Using alternative news sites, YouTube and Facebook groups to glean extra information
  • Monitoring any potential threats and changes in the world
  • Researching strategies you can implement to protect yourself or prepare for something more serious.

Fortunately we live in the information age.  Finding out information that can help keep us alive during a terror attack is literally at our fingertips.  Take for instance the YouTube video below on how to survive a mass shooting.



Develop resilient physical health

One of the most important things anyone can do if they are preparing for the most dangerous course of action is to get as healthy as possible and to ensure they avoid getting ‘preventable diseases’ such as diabetes two.

Two YouTube channels that I’ve listened to extensively are Prepper Nurse and The Patriot Nurse. Both ladies provide excellent information on how to prepare yourself to be physically-resilient health wise.

The reality is that in a crisis people with medical conditions or who are less agile are going to be the first people to be adversely affected. People who fit into this category need to have some contingency plan in place.

Developing resilient physical health covers such a vast arena. I would recommend that people start off by listening the Prepper Nurse and The Patriot Nurse. Reflect on their own personal physical health weaknesses before making any necessary changes.

Consider getting key vaccinations, such as a Tetanus vaccination. If there is a crisis situation where medical facilities are overloaded, you don’t want to find you are incapacitated because you stood on a rusty nail and got tetanus as a result.

Become physically fit and agile

Imagine this scenario. You are in a shopping mall and it gets attacked by a group of terrorists wielding powerful weapons. People need to either escape or hide.  Those with the physical fitness and agility will be able to do so; those who are obese and / or lack physical fitness will be exposed and at greater risk of being gunned down. Which category do you fit into, the agile and fit or the weak and overweight?


Physically fit, agile people who are not overweight have a better chance of hiding and and then escaping in the event of a terror attack. The Kenyan woman in this picture escaped gunman in the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi in 2013 by hiding in an air-vent until she could escape.

No one can predict the future or what may happen, but one thing that is most likely to guarantee survival is good physical fitness. For instance if there is a catastrophic terror event, it may require the population of a vast area to evacuate to a distance location on foot.

The people who are going to struggle are those who are in the overweight or obese category and those that lack the physical strength. Few people will have the time or energy to assist a stranger who is unable to physically make the distance.

Any people or resources dedicated to assisting people who are struggling to make the distance will target the vulnerable, such as the disable, the elderly or the very young.  Adults struggling to make it are not going to be on top of the priority list.

So take this period as the lull before the storm.  Review your weight and level of physical fitness.  If you have trouble losing weight seek advice and guidance from a trained professional such as a doctor, naturopath or dietician.

If you cannot afford to join a gym at least develop a habit of walking for 30 minutes each day.  Make some kind of effort to reduce your weight and develop a reasonable standard of physical fitness.

Sort out your Finances

A most dangerous course of action future outcome could have reverberations economically across the world.  You really don’t want to have messy finances if some kind of terror-induced economic crisis spreads.

Look at ways now you can pay of debt (credit cards, loans etc.,) and if necessary seek professional advice about the most skilful approach to sorting any financial minefields in your life. Also make sure you also have some savings to draw on just in case you or your family are involved in a massive terror attack and you need emergency funds.

Avoid purchasing the type of gear ‘Doomsday Preppers’ equip themselves with. Instead make sure you are ‘prepared’ by having your ‘everyday’ equipment in good working order. For instance, spend your money on ensuring your vehicle is well maintained so it is going to be reliable in an emergency situation.

If possible purchase some silver bullion.  My recommendation would be that it be recognisable within your own country. So if you are in Australia buy Australian silver rounds. In an emergency situation you want others to recognise them as legitimate currency to barter with.


Prepare some basic equipment

Unless you want to take up ‘Doomsday Prepping’ as a hobby avoid the ‘get-it-and-forget’ preparations. Focus on ensuring that you have some suitable equipment to use in an emergency situation, which you use in your daily life.

Stash some extra food away, but choose food you actually eat consistently in your everyday diet so you can rotate it.  For instance, if you eat brown rice consistently, make sure you have extra packages in the cupboard at all times.

Store some water.  If you have the storage space stash away some extra water in ten litre containers. Learn what the best containers are to use and  how well it will store in your environment.

Go and listen to the Prepper videos on YouTube and consider their suggestions about what items you may need in a crisis situation.  I could make many suggestions but I believe everyone lives in a different situation, with a unique set of circumstances, so they need to decide themselves what would best suit their needs.

If you decide that you need to buy some items and you are on a tight budget try buying gear second-hand from opt shops, garage sales or eBay (Gumtree is good in Australia).



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Leading Muslims to the Dharma

Breaking Through the Barriers

Recently I purchased the book Breaking through the Barriers – Leading Muslims to Christ by Rosemary Sookhdeo.  Breaking through the Barriers – Leading Muslims to Christ is a ‘how to’ guide for Christians seeking to convert Muslims to Christianity.

What intrigued me about Breaking through the Barriers – Leading Muslims to Christ was that the information provided can be used by Buddhists seeking to assist Muslims with meeting the Dharma (Buddhist teachings).

Introducing the Dharma to Muslims can be tricky for Buddhists as open evangelism is frowned upon.  There are indications that Muslims are trickling through Dharma centres exploring other spiritual options as they experience disillusionment with their current Islamic faith.

The pending construction of the mega-mosque in Bendigo and the predicted influx of new Muslim residents could be a sign that Australian Buddhists need to step out of the shadows and work out how to constructively assist Muslims with meeting the Dharma.

Buddhists always pray that in their next human rebirth that they will have the good fortune to be born near a Dharma centre so they can successfully meet the Dharma in that life as well.  When Bendigo receives its new Muslim residents to fill up that great big mega-mosque it could be that Karmic seeds are ripening for some of these people and a wish made in a previous life to live near a major Buddhist centre in their next human rebirth has ripened.

For those of you who don’t know, Bendigo is set to become a major Buddhist pilgrimage site with the construction of The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion that is housing The Jade Buddha for Universal Peace.  Due to its significance it will attract the most profound Dharma teachers.

Breaking through the Barriers – Leading Muslims to Christ has a lot of useful information that with reflection can be utilised to introduce Muslims to the Dharma.  For instance in Chapter 5 “How Do We Win a Muslim for Christ” one of the tips is to get the gospel into the home but advise against giving a complete bible as “they will start at Genesis and probably give up in Leviticus” (p61).

The same applies to the Dharma. It would probably be advisable to encourage the newcomer to do some simple breathing meditation each day and to become aware of the thoughts that arise. If you recommend a book, select a simple all-rounder such as Open Heart, Clear Mind – an introduction to the Buddha’s teaching by Thubten Chodron

Unfortunately in Islam there is a practise called ‘sacred deceit’ (Taquiya), which allows deceit to advance Islam. It is possible that Muslims will infiltrate Dharma centres and pretend they are devoted Dharma practitioners to gain trust so they can sabotage the centre. My thoughts on this is that the Buddhist teachings are so profound that they attract practitioners with no evangelism or forced conversions.

There have been numerous Muslims who have renounced the Islamic faith. Some of these people have converted to Christianity while others have decided they are atheist or agnostic. Some of these people are extremely outspoken about the dangerous doctrine in Islamic teachings putting their own safety in jeopardy by doing this; for instance Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Nonie Darwish).

Muslims who renounce Islam to follow the Dharma could be our future Wisdom Masters; we should not dump these people in the ‘too hard’ basket but seek to understand their problems and offer them best possible guidance and support so they can successfully meet the Dharma.

Confess your hidden faults.

Approach what you find repulsive.

Help those you think you cannot help.

Anything you are attached to, let it go.

Go the places that scare you.

(Advice from her teacher, the Tibetan Yogini Machik Labdron)